Autism West Midlands Nov 2011
Gateway Telecom became our telecoms provider earlier this year and we experienced a quick, seamless and hassle free transfer. Their prices are extremely competitive and we have found that they have an excellent after-care service. I find them to be very helpful, friendly and knowledgeable.

We have been extremely satisfied with the solution Gateway Telecom has given us for our fixed line services and are now planning to switch our business mobiles to them. We would be happy to recommend their company and all round services.
Daniel Paget
Head of Finance

Government Office London – 21/12/05
As part of their Business Continuity Plan, Govt Office London identified a need to be able to provide updated information to staff (who may not be in the office) through a secure and remotely accessible system that could be easily updated. This would need to supplement information disseminated through their web site.

Following discussions with Gateway Telecom, we considered both a hardware solution that be installed at the premises and a software based solution that would not require the installation of any equipment. The preferred solution was based upon a non-geographic number solution provided by Gateway Telecom utilising the Opal network (chosen due to both its capacity and system resiliency) named ‘DATA CAPTURE’ (Opal Solution).

This software network based system for the London Office is sited on the Opal network with other offices solutions hosted on the BT network and allows the Government Offices to easily update the message utilising a secure, pin-protected system. This message can be updated as often as required and can also be updated remotely away from the office. The emergency services can access the recorded message via a non geographic telephone number provided only to those who require this service.

This solution provides additional benefits including the removal of need for equipment maintenance with the security of the system based upon the Opal Network (We have also provided this solution on the BT network). Both network operators provide a disaster recovery system, assuring the provision of the service even if the network failed. This solution backed by Gateway Telecom’s dedicated customer support has provided us with peace of mind.

We have been extremely satisfied with this solution and Gateway Telecom have subsequently provided similar systems to other government departments such as Government Office for the East Midlands and Government Office for the West Midlands, with discussions ongoing with other offices.
I. Wilson
IT / Telecomms

Manager Man ERF Ltd 2003
“I have always found them helpful with an excellent after-care service. The prices are also very competitive. Gateway Telecom became our new provider over 2 years ago. I find them to be very helpful and respond quickly & efficiently when required. The system is very user-friendly but most importantly has proved to assist in the success of our company…leading to an increase in sales. A well worth investment.”
D. Wilson
Sales Support Executive

Eastbourne Borough Council 2005
“Gateway Telecom has provided an 0800 service for me for one year. I have always found them helpful with an excellent after case service. Their prices are also very competitive.”
S. Blunt
Telecoms Manager

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