Non-Geographic Numbers

  • NGNs give your organisation a national presence.
  • NGN’s are easy for your customers to remember and with Gateway Telecom; you can divert your NGN’s to any of your landlines and mobiles at any time, free of charge.
  • NGN’s are not separate lines they simply sit on or shadow the line to which they are allocated.
  • NGN’s convey a more professional image to new and existing customers.

Gateway Telecom only uses Tier 1 Carriers, such as BT, Cable & Wireless and Opal Telecom, to give you a highly resilient and extremely reliable service.

For International businesses that are looking to expand their business into the UK, NGN’s are the perfect way to do this. Using a NGN will give an image that your business is based in the United Kingdom, even though you can be anywhere in the World.

We offer a free online management service where you can monitor and analyse your Non- geographic number as well as free divert to any UK landline number.

03 Numbers
03 numbers are non-geographic numbers that were announced by Ofcom in February 2007. Unlike 08 numbers, 03 numbers cost the same to call as landline numbers even from a mobile phone. They are also included as part of inclusive call minutes from all major mobile phone and landline operators

0800 Numbers
0800 Numbers are the perfect way to give you company national presence. They are statistically proven to receive more calls from advertising campaigns as they are free to call from landlines. 0800 are also extremely flexible as you can divert them from landlines to mobiles within minutes.

0844 Numbers
0844 Numbers are the preferable choice for organisations who are expecting to receive a high amount of call volume. 0844 numbers generate rebate so we are able to pay you up to 1p per minute for calls. This can result in £’s back to you every month.

0845 Numbers
0845 Numbers are also known as Local Rate Numbers. This is due to their low call charges. Wherever you are in the country, the call charge stays the same. BT are now offering packages which gives customers free calls to 0845 numbers, which is perfect as you do not get charged for receiving calls either.

0870 Numbers
0870 Numbers are used by many large national businesses. Extremely memorable numbers and, if included on your call package you may get free calls to them.

0871 Numbers
0871 Numbers are numbers which are charged of a flat rate of 10p per minute. 0871 Numbers also generate rebate so we can pay you back up to 4.2p per minute. This is a great way of earning some extra revenue.

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