Lines & Calls

Switching to Gateway:
If you have existing telephone lines with BT why not transfer to Gateway Telecom and save at least 15% on your line rental straight away. The changeover is seamless, with no interruption in service.

We can provide you with a range of lines and services to suit your company needs.

New lines can be installed using BT Openreach engineers but at a much reduced cost compared to BT. Lead times are the same as BT Retail. Our staff will keep you regularly informed throughout the installation process.

Types of line:

WBSL-Wholesale Business Single Line
Single analogue line used in many organisations for phone, fax, broadband or PDQ.

WMLA-Wholesale Multi Line Aux
The same number with up to 10 different lines. If a call comes through to an engaged line the call passes to the next available line so that your company never misses a call.

ISDN- Integrated Services Digital Network
High performance digital service:

  • Rapid connection
  • Clear voice communication
  • Ideal for linking 2 or more offices
  • Provide DDI (Direct Dial) for your staff
  • High quality video and fast large data transfers

ISDN 2e For companies requiring from 2 to 8 digital lines.
ISDN 30e For companies requiring 8-30 digital lines.

Call Charges:
Save money on your calls by switching to Gateway Telecom today.Our highly competitive call tariffs are some of the lowest you can find, saving you money on all your business calls.

Per second billing, with no minimum call charge.

Clear billing showing where your charges arise.

Call capping available, with our tailored packages.

Tailored Packages:
By allowing one of our project managers to analyse your telecoms usage we can come up with bespoke call packages to include free minutes on local, national, NGN and mobile calls. Our tailored packages reduce your monthly expenditure and allow you to budget carefully with no unexpected surprises on your bill.

International Call Charges:
Our international tariffs are some of the best available and if you call abroad regularly we can design a package to suit your needs and save you money.

Call only packages:
If you are currently in a long term contract for your line rental, Gateway Telecom can still provide you with a call only package to save you money.

Non geographic numbers (NGNs):
Gateway Telecom can offer highly competitive rates on 0800, 0844, 0845, 0870 0871 and 03 numbers. With 0844 and 0871 numbers creating a rebate for your company.

Current call Tariffs:
To hear our most up to date typical rates call us now on 0845 180 7777 where one of our friendly staff will be waiting to give you all the information you need.

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