Why Gateway IT

Gateway understands that in today’s world IT is critical and any disruption can affect business.

As such Gateway has invested in:

  • A dedicated Support Team. Your problem once known is owned by US.
  • Easy access to log problems. Telephone, mail, fax, carrier pigeon…
  • Comprehensive friendly helpful Support. We explain things
  • Great communication We keep you posted…
  • One place to call for all your IT problems. Networks, hardware, telecoms
  • Quick response. Immediate attention plus 8 hour hardware FIX or loan equipment.
  • Clear pricing and Monthly payment. Affordable
  • Flexible Support can be tailored to your needs or budget even 24/7 365.

As such Gateways promise is

“In any disruption Gateway will get your IT back to the point it was at prior to failure to ensure smooth business continuity”.

More than most leading suppliers!

Not so much Support more insurance and ‘Peace of Mind’…

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